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We contribute directly to the achievement of 14 of the 17th United Nations World Sustainability Goals

At the same time, we indirectly support the last three

Through our cooperation with Plastic Bank, we work for a better world for all.

Plastic Bank provides a consistent over-market payment for plastic waste, which stimulates collection. Individuals who collect plastic can exchange it for money, goods or services.

Value of Social Plastic ® goes beyond the raw material price of plastic. This creates unique opportunities for the world's poor by providing access to fixed income, goods and services while keeping plastic out of the world's oceans.

When you buy an arbitrary PREGO glasses, you contribute to the collection of four kilograms of marine plastic, equivalent to 200 0.5 L plastic bottles.

Read more about our direct contribution to the achievement of the UN's global objectives here.

With a PREGO pair of glasses, you'll get high quality,
good fit and a sharp price

Our women's sunglasses and men's sunglasses are of optical quality and are made to the highest standards of sunglasses- that means you can easily get prescription with your sunglasses. And at the same time get sunglasses that just sit really well and feel comfortable hour after hour, day after day and year after year.

Our bluelight glasses and sunglasses are negotiated by 90% of the Danish opticians. And their verdict is clear: with PREGO glasses you get super quality at a sharp price and really good fit. Glasses that last a long time, if you take good care of them. And we can promise you that you will automatically do that with PREGO glasses.

The world does not need more sunglasses, but fashionable, high-quality sunglasses that last

We believe in slow fashion. Glasses that hold. And glasses with attitude. At PREGO we combine trends with fits. Because we know it works. You can read more about our Sustainable sunglasses here.

Our designs are both experimental and classic, so you're guaranteed fashion sunglasses that last for many years. And so you yourself have the choice between our timeless designs and our more trendy, experimental fashion sunglasses. You can find your own style, whatever you're looking for sunglasses for women or sunglasses for men. We can also offer you sunglasses on payment via Viabill.

Your glasses and sunglasses should fit you

At PREGO you get super quality at a very sharp price with the right fit. The latter is more important than you might think. Our glasses and sunglasses are made with you and your nose in mind. Because we know how important the right fit is. Both for your daily use of the glasses and for sustainability. Because when they're sitting right, you want to use them a lot and take care of them, too, and you can enjoy them for many years.

Imagine your favorite shoes. The couple you always swear to when you're going out the door. That's how we promise you, you'll get it with glasses from PREGO. And when we humans are happy with something, we automatically take better care of i t, which means glasses that last for many years because the glasses are made of quality materials and in a good and sustainable design.

Watch your eyes with bluelight glasses and UV sunglasses or PREGO sunglasses

Our glasses don't just look good; They look really good on your eyes, too. Both against the blue light to which we humans are exposed on a daily basis from all our devices, but also against the dangerous UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

With bluelight glasses and UV sunglasses or PREGO sunglasses, you will ensure that you take care of your eyes to avoid genes and serious damage in the long run. They also ensure that you are relieved of headaches, fatigue and concentration problems every day because your eyes are overworked.

We have to watch our eyes. We have to have them all our lives. You can read more about our Bluelight glasses here. You can get both our bluelight glasses and our sunglasses on Viabill.