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You can act with us with comfort. And the process, when you're dealing with us, must be as transparent and easy as possible for you as possible. This is why we have gathered here together the questions that we are often asked to do on the side. If you need answers to a question that's not here, you're gonna have to reach out to us, and we'll figure it out. You can contact us right here.


Are your glasses made of plastic?

No, our glasses are made from cotton-based acetate. And it's not as chemically as it sounds. In fact, a piece of acetate, a lot like wood-you can hoss, bend, adjust acetate, you can't do plastics, and it would be the same every time. Our glasses are unique. Every single one.

In addition to our glasses, which consists solely of acetate, you also find glasses with a metal or a frame of metal or a frame of metal and acetate.


What's the difference between cotton-based acetate and plastics?

Now it's getting a little technical. In short, however, the difference between cotton-based acetate and plastics is that the former has a higher level of renewable and natural raw materials, unlike plastic, which is based mainly on fossil-based raw materials.

Design and production processes with cotton-based acetate are longer, more demanding and are making greater demands on the artisanal side, contrary to traditional sprayed plastic glasses. We put an honor in producing in acetate to create glasses that last a long time, and which is just sitting good.

However, although we do not take advantage of plastic in the production of our glasses, we are still taking the increasing problem of plastic in nature and the oceans very seriously. And we see it as the responsibility of all of us. That is why we have just entered into a partnership with Plastic Bank. You can read more about this cooperation and our sustainable sunglasses here.


What do you want me to do if I need strength in my glasses or sunglasses?

You will find our glasses in many Danish optimists (you can see a complete retailer list). Therefore, if you buy your PREGO Brill at your local optics, they can help you find the perfectly correct glasses with the very proper force-adapted to your eyes and your eyes.


Protecting your sunglasses against UV rays?

Yes, our glasses are protecting both against the harmful UV rays and the blue lights. Read more about our bluelight glasses here.


How do I return an item from you? 

If you change your purchase, you can return it without the fragment of the freight cost, if you use the returned label from the Mail North and return the return form, which you find on the web shop here. You may want to include a copy of your purchase invoice, which you received from mail when you ordered the item.

How long before I can expect to receive my goods? And can I get my product with you in Tommerup?

You can decide for yourself if you want to deliver your direct order directly to your home or another address, for example, where you work. And you are also very welcome to retrieve your item with us directly. Our address is sterbro 4, 5690 Tommerup. You can see our opening hours here.

We'll send your order to you with the Mail North, and you will typically receive your new breeze one-two weekdays after we have received your order. You can read more in our trade conditions here.


Why are there not different sizes, but only one size?

We only have one size, but in exchange, the one size is well-worked, so it fits you and gives you the right fit. Our glasses are made with the European nose for an eye, which we can guarantee that you will immediately feel when you put a PREGO brid on your nose.

In addition, if we are to be completely honest-we do not need more than one size either. As long as that size is right. And this is the one at PREGO.


Can I change my order when I give it to you?

If you have changes to your order, you'll have to call us on +45 65 94 15 40 as soon as possible after placing your order. We are ready by phone Monday to Thursday between 9:00 am and 16:30. On Friday we have telephone time between 8:30 and 16:00. Then we will find a solution together to change your order.


I'm not happy with my new spectacle - it doesn't live up to my expectations - what do I do? 

We are sorry that our product did not live up to your expectations. If you contact us, we would love to find a solution so that you can either return the brill or we can find a spectacle that suits you and your eyes. Contact us here.


Can I adjust my glasses myself if they don't sit exactly right? 

As I said, many of our frames are made of acetate that can be shaped and adapt very much. Even when they leave us and move in with you. You can therefore easily bend your rod slightly so that it will sit sharply and fit your face.