Tom Kristensen is by most people associated with Le Mans og fast cars. The retired race driver is also the epitome of a cool, modern man in control of his style and with a good eye for details. PREGO benefits from these characteristics of Tom Kristensen in the common mission to create a collection of classic sunglasses, designed for the modern, stylish and fashionable man.

The Tom K sunglass collection offers a wide selection of models making it easy to find the perfect Tom K Sunglass. The frames are all carefully handcrafted in high quality materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum-magnesium alloy, metal alloy and acetate. Each material has been specifically selected for their unique characteristics - with several of them referring directly to the world of motor sports. All models have Tom Kristensens signature engraved on the lens and the temples.

All models with the Tom K signature are fitted with premium sun lenses. Tom K sunglasses are fitted with three types of premium lens types. Grey or green-toned polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating or brown lenses with anti-reflective coating and contrast-boosting qualities. The brown lenses accentuate the colors red, yellow and green and contribute to better depth perfection. Perfect for driving - also on a cloudy day. All frames can also be fitted with either single or progressive prescription lenses.

The Tom K collection radiates masculinity and features a range of technical details. The materials are of superior quality and the handcraft gone into making every sunglass is carried all the way through.


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